Monday, December 12, 2016

Experiment: What's Leading?

When you lie down in bed at night where's your head at?
Ya okay, on the pillow but what are you thinking? Do you ask questions, give thanks, have a blank head or one filled with the to do list?

I'm experimenting with leading.
With all the leadership books and gurus, principles and models, qualities and approaches, blah blah blah, I think another angle might be interesting.

Antigua, Guatemala

We've looked at leadership, what about Leading?

I'm curious what's Leading?

Clearwater Lake, Manitoba, Canada

Here's a little experiment:
When you lie down in bed tonight, focus on what you want to lead.
Your subconscious self adventures as you sleep.
When you wake take a minute in bed to listen to the stories of the night and ask yourself:

What are you leading?
How are you leading?
Where is the path?
When is this happening?
Who do you encounter?
Why do you go there?

What do you think Leading is?