Monday, July 20, 2009

Short and Sweat

To be concise takes sweat equity, and it pays off!

The point:
Being able to clearly articulate or capture an idea in 30 seconds will hold attention and make an impact.

Clarity of purpose:

Pictures – using a simple picture or diagram will clearly depict your idea.
Statements – a powerful statement “I have a dream” transcends generations.
Jingles – a short, catchy jingle remains in the subconscious keeping your idea fresh in peoples’ minds.

Create a Sweat Habit:
Give it time – many of us work better under pressure resulting in ideas that may be reactive rather than reflective so use that procrastination bug to your advantage by evolving your idea through the time you’re not spending on developing it.
Depart from it – sleeping on an idea airs out the cobwebs and gets those spider senses tingling.
Channel others - a comrade taught me to ‘channel’ others to broaden perspective.
Use You-isms - It’s intriguing to hear the unordinary. A you-ism is your slang, your analogies, a different spin, others will think and ask questions, or not. A friend of mine is well-known for his ‘Eddie-isms’. He often uses uncommon or big words where they don’t quite fit, not what I’m talking about.

Short and sweet can’t be beat!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Plato, Socrates, Seuss and Zeus,


Ants move the earth, bees the blossoms, trees the air and humans people.
Gods play with energy, animals play with life, humans with words.
Dragons fly, the water calls, waves caution, capture and carry,
pulling Palliated Woodpeckers from trenching deep into the aspens


Oh The Places You’ll Go!
Gypsies wander, Vikings conquer, grass grows.
The Cat in the Hat, imagine that!
The Grinch stole little Lindy-Lou.
Who? ville.

Green Eggs and Ham, spam and wham
you are now entering The Twilight Zone,


sort of break-
slow up, speed down to ponder, play and power your way.