Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are you a Mewe or a Weme?

A Mewe is one who uses their individual ability, charisma, drive, as the place from which energy, drive and passion directs change, action takes place. Seth Godin focuses on the Mewe in his book “Tribes” saying that ‘we need you to lead us’ therefore individuals are at the heart of action and we each have a responsibility in society.

A Weme acts on the basis that it’s something larger than the individual that creates change and impacts lives. Malcolm Gladwell explores the concept of Weme in his book “Outliers” saying that systems, situations and outside influences affect success and impact our collective abilities. It is not necessarily individual skill, rather a collection that is responsible in society for our situation.

No matter if you are a Mewe or Weme both are valuable and make change occur. The two collaborate to create the dynamic nature of our actions and interactions. The dance of me and we concepts create magical performances.

Though Mewe’s and Weme’s could be confused as meanies and weenies (and at times may be) not taking ourselves too seriously while seriously living may just be the overarching message.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don’t Colour Your Roots Embrace them

For those of you who know my past, all or some of it, you know I’ve had a few ‘home towns’ along the way. I’ve been lucky to find niches and connect with people who embrace me in their community even if just for a short time. Before moving to Alberta I was engulfed in a wonderful small northern Manitoba community, The Pas Manitoba (and no I wasn't in the witness protection program).  Now The Pas, and yes it is THE Pas not LE Pas or LES Paz, has had some bad press nationally in the past but the people who live there, the community, is full of salt of the earth people with deep roots, committed to thriving in the north. It is built on social connections that run deep.

My husband grew up there and no matter where we go he has connections with others from home. From the Cook Islands to Calgary, Mexico to Manhattan the six degrees of separation seems to be only one or two degrees for him. I’ve been fortunate to tag along into this world. These close knit community connections bring a sense of looking out for each other when anywhere in the world. It is truly amazing and it is truly at the heart of community.

There’s something about the north, the isolation, the bush, the minus 40 for weeks on end, that builds hearty people and that creates a unique northern hospitality that oozes from every pore. Attending recreation conferences in Winnipeg, our northern consortium of recreation professionals would always host a Northern Hospitality Night which was a big hit and when we hosted the Manitoba 2002 Winter Games the Hospitality Rooms and Events were second to none. I was excited when a friend told me that Rick Mercer was going to The Pas for Trappers Festival, a northern tradition bringing together people, history and friendly competition.  

One of our friends sent along the link and I just had to pass it along. Embrace your roots no matter what colour they are!