Friday, December 17, 2010


places to go, things to see
a time to wonder, to be

in the moment
into the future
amazements hidden amongst the trees

of Grasshopper Galleries and Candy Stores
off the main road and into the heart
to see spirited treasures

travel the road
many have passed by

what would appear
lure or spark

a new beginning
right in front of me

what if fairy tale endings and Once upon a time beginnings
sang and flew
like Peter Pan and Wendy
or Alice
in Wonderland
A Lion or Scarecrow or Tin Man or Lady
of the Lake

in Mists that don’t break
beyond the sea
castles and carvings and Gaudi-like fair

would I have traveled that road over there

What to my wondering eyes should appear
curious caches clustered with shiny

that costs not a cent
nor a decent cup
my hands can refresh and splash and turn
the wheel of my choice to direct north, east, west or south

a road trip
the musical journey
to see
to be
to free

the astonishing
the usual
the fanciful
the me

unfolding, unwrapping, unflapping,
endearing, endangered, engendered

living artfully, actively, intentionally, fully

by foot, plane or boat
automobile, bike or bus
floating, flying, trekking

air, water, under
above, amidst, among
on, in or under

dipping and slipping, sipping, serving and flipping
whipping up a road          tripping