Sunday, October 4, 2009

“Is arrogance part of your branding?”

I asked, not so innocently, after about 2 minutes into a BMW test drive. I had been impressed with the make, but now only judgmental of the guy behind the wheel. I was astonished at the attitude of the sales person who was driving me out of the parking lot. I had my mind made up that there was no way I would ever buy something from that guy!

“I’m a janitor at heart!”

I told my sister-in-law, she really appreciated me telling her that. Hmm, the reason? Yes I have been a janitor but, I relate to and appreciate those who are doing the ground work, the ones who hold less power in the big scheme of things, those who get lower pay, less respect… In general, I am more wary of and have less respect for those in power, feel less affiliation to, and many times have disdain for the ones making decisions that affect other lives… depending on their approach. There are amazing people in powerful positions who have full respect for all equally. Overall though you could call me anti-authority or an authority racist.

“I am a simple monk.”

Said the Dalai Lama in his conversation with over 15,000 people at the Saddledome in Calgary last week. Hunh, here is a man who is held in high regard around the world. He says we are all human and THAT is where we start from, connect from. “I am a simple monk.” He continued on to say whether one is a (janitor) or (the head of state), we are all human. His message isn’t astounding, his presence not euphoric…My arrogance is unveiled, it has been part of my branding. I’m no different than that car sales guy. I get it. What do I do to get over it? Hold humility close and smile.