Sunday, September 8, 2013

flex your DO muscle

if you are an entrepreneur you WON'T be reading this...
you'll be out there doing it!

What's IT?
it's taking action
strategizing, researching, searching for new/better ways to make things work
it's looking at things differently, connecting odd dots or old dots in new ways

Figure out what your IT is and make IT happen
stuck figuring out your IT? check out the millions of resources online, in bookstores, through formal education, from mentors, etcetera, to get your IT 'cause everybody's got an IT (if you think you don't have an IT then that's your IT)

The most important factor?
you've gotta DO the work

to make something happen
make the world a better place, make money doing it, make others think, act, imagine, feel, discover

in new ways, with new services, systems or products, with new partners, through new processes...

Flex your DO muscle!

until the next new DO
make IT happen