Thursday, May 15, 2014

Disruptive ISN'T a four-letter word anymore

When was the last time you were disrupted?

Something comes at you and you feel like you've been hit upside the head. You dismiss it or shut down or brush it off because it it would disrupt your life, your project, your world, your dream, your certainty.

It might jar you into new ways, solutions... clear you OUT so to speak. 

Disruptive innovation (DI) is rethinking opportunities and developing a roadmap out into the future. It "sneaks in from below" When dominant structures, organizations and companies are intent on improving their existing services, products and systems to the point that consumers and citizens don't really know what they're using or understand the process/system that is at work, they miss simpler, more convenient, less costly ways, services or products.

DIers' initially focus on the low end of the market and as they improve, they have mass appeal. At some point the existing system, product or service is replaced or collapses.

A Harvard Business Review article asked, "Will disruptive innovation cure health care?" (Christensen, Bohmer, Kenagy, 2000) This could be asked of numerous social issues; homelessness, mental illness, inequity...

In this highly transformative time and in order 

to make                                        shift happen 

what are a few starting points?

Be disruptive 

or if that's not in your character, 

Be open to being disrupted

Eat cake, travel the world, drink champaign and dance into the dark!