Thursday, April 22, 2010

Connect with your whole brain first thing in the morning.

After yawning and stretching, brushing teeth, and pouring coffee, juice or water, how do you start your day? It may be with a run or yoga class, reading the newspaper or opening emails, or diving into your car to get to the office. Take this 7 day challenge to connect with your brain and your creativity. It’s a combination of Morning pages by Julia Cameron and Mind Mapping.

How to:
  • Get a piece of unlined paper (the bigger the better) and markers or pens of different colours.
  • Without thinking about it draw or write the first thing that comes to your mind somewhere near the middle. Important that you let this happen without too much thought because the purpose is to spill what’s in your head and open up to your full potential.
  • Now take another colour of pen with your other hand (your 'non-dominant one) and draw 3 or 4 or 5 images, lines, or shapes extending from the first thing that you put down. It doesn't have to look pretty.
  • Turn your paper, stand up, and keep choosing different coloured pens and different hands, to put down on paper what’s in your head. Use images, words, shapes (you can experience a paperless version using objects if you’re interested).
  • This stream of consciousness activity may spill out what you have to do today, what you dreamt of last night, what’s bugging you, goals, ideas, whatever it is that has your attention. You may be surprised or you may be stuck for something to put down. Either way keep going until you fill the page.
  • If you’re stuck, write stuck or draw a boot in mud, over and over and over until your boot makes that beautiful sucking noise and comes free.
  • Give yourself approximately ½ an hour.
  • Repeat for 7 days.

By spilling your brain onto the page in a form that isn’t writing in a straight line, you’ve started to step into your whole brain.

I’m experimenting with Morning Maps so am curious to know if you try it, what could improve it, what impact it had or didn’t have, how you made it work for you.

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