Thursday, November 25, 2010

Looking for Questions?

What is this? Looking for an answer?
"Questions bring us together, answers drive us apart." 
Roman Koval, President, Ukrainian Centre for Common Ground

What if everything you said was in the form of a question? How would people react and would it be tough for you to do? Especially for more than a minute?
Do you think focusing on questions rather than on answers enhances collaboration, frustration, innovation, sustainability, ludicrosity, adaptability? Is this back-casting, starting with the long term answer and asking questions to the present?
When is enough enough? Ever been around a four year-old, or an adult, who continuously asks why? And why does that get under your skin? Is it meant as a way to look at things in new ways and are we just tired of looking at things in new ways?
How do I formulate insightful questions? And what assumptions do I have to clarify in order to be a catalyst for positive change? Where can I learn about and lead question-based discovery? Would that be useful or would it drive us apart? Do answers drive us apart or is that a place for us to start a conversation, to ask questions?