Monday, February 2, 2009

Klepto-parasitic bees, travel the world thru chocolate... Mediocrity NOT at its finest!

If Clifford Stoll and Dennis van Engelsdorp can’t get your mojo going then who knows what will. Mediocrity is something that we’re trained to accept, no more! We should expect to have our brains explode, hearts shatter, bodies invigorate and souls rocket with idea after idea after idea when listening to a speaker, attending a workshop, walking our dogs, it’s our duty to rupture the blueprint of, or should I say addiction to, mediocrity.

It starts with our own little pedestrian lives.

Does that mean that every moment is to be an explosion of sensory perceptions? Not quite. It does however mean that every moment counts and every moment leads to and plays a role in creating exemplary practice, thought, connection and movement. We cannot afford to accept what is put before us. We cannot expect to continue along our merry way, we no longer are able to turn away from our global neighbours because we know and see, hear and are fed a smorgasbord of stimulants that provide evidence and misinformation from near and away. Colleges and Universities now focus on critical thinking and problem solving, analysis and evaluation rather than information transference, isn’t that how it all started in the first place?

Information is not power, knowledge may be important but essential for the new future is a new (renewed) way. Our transformation into an information society from an industrial one has taken hold and the emergence of a new future is on its way. That new future includes new (or are they renewed) relationships: with the earth, the others on the planet and the energy around. The new future is a mobius loop of idea generation, realization and existence. We will no longer wait for the go ahead, we’ll go. We’ll no longer wait for someone else to create a solution, we’ll create our own, we’ll take charge and develop interesting viaducts with unfamiliar materials that hold strength with deeper understanding and acceptance. We see it already in our multiracial schools, in our international services, in our supermarkets.

When we decide that mediocre is no longer tolerable, we’ll see that our small and insignificant presence will be forgotten at the same time will have been a part of an evolution of magical proportion. What is insignificant is significant, what is important is unimportant, what we accept or strive to change builds energy towards and within something that we can only imagine. Smiling as the Dalai Lama with openness will expand the space we imagine and create the new future much like the old.

Move to the new future and expect amazing, it’s here so inhabit it.

Visit to watch a short clip on “Where have the bees gone? The rise of collaboration”. Dennis van Engelsdorp shares bees. It’s astounding how that community, bees, parallels our communities. Did you know that 1 in 3 bites we eat is pollinated directly or indirectly by bees? At the same site check out Clifford Stoll’s clip, “18 minutes with an agile mind” another one to blow away mediocre. Heard of a Mobius Loop - a one sided, one edged surface? Give a strip of paper a half-twist, then tape the ends together. It's one side and one boundary, the inside is the outside. Clifford shares his Klein bottle and his hand that guides us along his idea map. Not for all but much for many, stroll through to find something that inspires you.

Could if my brain think like this.

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