Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moment to Movement

A snowflake falls, then another.
They look exactly alike.
On closer inspection they are different.

A leader gives individuals each a single, white piece of paper and asks them to fold it, then fold it again. They are asked to cut the top right corner, then fold it again and cut the bottom right corner. Again and again they are directed to fold and cut. The group opens their papers and all are different.

Each snowflake combines to create a blanket of snow. Piles and whisps, directed by the wind and collected by the land in formations and peaks that glisten.

All papers resemble lacy, white snowflakes that decorate the walls to celebrate winter. Together they collect to invoke an atmosphere of diversity and unity, seasonal change and annual rhythm.

One action, intentionally or not, snowballs reactions that knowingly and unknowingly impact us. The combined actions collectively generate a landscape shaped by ideas, will, experience and need.

We have the present moment; mine, yours, our neighbors, people across the world. Together they build drifts and banks, mountains and swirls of action and silence, space and focus. Our moments culminate into movements when each flake joins the other to create an atmosphere in rhythm, when the the snowplows join the charge to pile and scrape each one, clearing the way for movement.

1 comment:

Barb Pedersen said...

All of our recent snow must have inspired you! The uniqueness of snowflakes is a wonderful image to retain as we shovel.