Friday, November 6, 2015


If you've ever participated or watched a triathlon there are two transitions, from swimming to biking then from biking to running. These two brief moments can be seamless or chaotic. When they go well it seems an easy move from the water to the bike, smooth dawning of shoes, glasses and hat, water bottle, feet in peddles and off you go. From kicking to circling not missing a beat. Then from circling to long fast strides as the juices and oxygen continue to flow, powering you on, without a blip moving from pedal power to people power.

If chaotic, look out, the glasses fly off, wet feet don't want to squish into well worn shoes, legs can't find the rhythm and hat finds its way under another cyclist's tire, bikes collide, waterpack isn't quite right after a tossle with getting back up again. Bike legs are shaky hands can't seem to focus on fine tactile motions to get those runners slipped over the heel, bikes blaze infront and beside, water pack's almost done and the power gel is hotter than freshly brewed coffee.

Ah transitions. There's more to them than one might think. They can be quick, painful, and/or easy and long. In any case it's how you act and react with them. Gracefully, hastefully, with splash and spirit, with melancholy and care, the joy of transitions.

I'm in a transition now moving focus from 'Living' to 'Leading'. When I started fourward I decided on four main areas of concentration; learning, living, leading and leisure. I wrote "RECkless abandon' which focused on connecting people with play - leisure. Then concentrated on living - Showgirl Trapped in a Librarian's Body sculptural experience and sparkarts (Showgirl cards) emerged and continues to evolve. Now I'm transitioning into leading...on the road for the next 6-8 months, experimenting with travel and maps, building on play and sculpture, integrating wisdom along the way. Leading to what? Yes leading to what. This transition is not slow and painful, I'm giving it time and listening to where it needs to go. Leadership is about listening; to those around you, to the environment before us, to yourself. The actions that result are leading.

What's leading you?

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